Reviewed in February 2011

Leonardo the Terrible Monster

written and illustrated by Mo Willems

Hyperion Books for Children 2005

There is a page in this book that I love: it is the page filled from corner to corner with the lament of a little boy who is having a very bad day. Sometimes I am tempted to insert my own grievances when reading aloud, but it could be considered bad parenting. Instead I’ll take my comfort in the joy of reading this delightful book again and again. The colour palette is a fashionable mix of pastel hues and the decorative slab typeface is set entirely in uppercase. Illustrations are sized and positioned on the page to reflect the emotions of the scene—something children seem to respond to instinctively. Interesting trivia: the author has won six Emmy awards for his writing on Sesame Street. The perfect book for your little monster.

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